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The School of Pharmaceutical Engineering is one of the schools with the longest history of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, dating back to the days when it was called the Department of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and the university was called Northeastern Pharmaceutical College. It was formally established in 1949 with the approval of Northeastern Executive Committee of P. R. China.

The School comprises of two departments, which is the Department of Medicinal Chemistry and the Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Environmental Sciences. Within the two departments, there are five offices that each consists of tens of faculty members and are mainly responsible for teaching and research. There are also two experimental teaching centers that are mainly responsible for teaching students how to perform modern chemical and pharmaceutical experiments. The school is certified to recruit postdoctoral fellows and to grant PhD degrees in medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical engineering. It is also certified to grant master's degrees in the following programs: medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, biological engineering, applied chemistry, chemical process, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry etc. There are four undergraduate programs, which are pharmaceutical engineering, environmental sciences, applied chemistry and medicinal chemistry. Among them, chemical engineering is one of the top national programs and applied chemistry is one of the top provincial programs.

There are 111 faculty and staff members in the school. Among the faculty members, there are 20 professors and 33 associate professors. They are also divided into 16 PhD advisors and 48 Master advisors, which are certified to advise PhD and Master students. They are very active in both teaching and research. They teach courses such as medicinal chemistry, chemical pharmaceutical technology, organic chemistry, drug syntheses, inorganic chemistry across the university. Many have received teaching awards at the national level and the provincial level. In terms of research, the school has the key laboratory of structure-based drug design and discovery which is certified by the Ministry of Education, P. R. China. It also has 3 key provincial laboratories and 5collaboration laboratories with pharmaceutical companies. Since the 12thFive-Year Plan of China (2011-), the school has received 44 grants from the "Significant new drugs creation" program, NSFC etc at the national level and over 90 grants at the ministry, provincial and municipal level. Over 200 research programs has been licensed to pharmaceutical companies. The faculty members have published over a thousand papers and applied for over 180 patents and received numerous awards.

The school has extensive collaborations and exchange programs with domestic universities and institutes such as Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Peking University, Jilin University etc and over 20 foreign universities in USA, Japan, UK, South Korea etc.


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